I see you.

You have a longing inside, a sense of purpose that you know you’re meant to fulfill. Maybe you’re clear on what it is. Maybe you’re not. Either way, you are destined to make an impact in your world and I’m here to cheer you on and unashamedly tell you, “Yes! It’s both possible and necessary that you live out your dreams. It’s time to show up fully, push past the fear, and make YOUR mark on the earth!”

Before I say more, let me introduce myself. I’m Melissa Runacres—an identity & mindset coach, writer, and speaker (and a wife and mom to three bouncy kiddos, two even bouncier Border Collie pups, and one cat.) I help visionary women create beautiful lifestyles filled with passion, purpose, and financial abundance.


I believe our best future lies in the hands of the faith-fueled dreamers who see the possibilities of a better tomorrow and take consistent action to make their vision a reality.

I also believe...
  • Our desires, talents, and strengths act as a blueprint of sorts, pointing us in the direction of our life’s assignment.
  • Each person alive has a Divinely unique set of gifts and skills (call it your ‘X factor’, Genius Zone, Superpower, or some variation) that, when we live from that place, fuels us with deep joy and enables us to make a meaningful contribution with our lives. 
  • Gratitude is a shortcut to abiding joy. Being truly thankful for the good you have in your life right now is a massive key to a fulfilled life.
  • In creating inviting, judgment-free spaces where we can open up both the messy and magnificent chapters of our lives in order to feel truly seen, known and embraced in the raw beauty of our stories.
  • In the absolute, unconquerable power of LOVE.
  • That my heart is GOOD and can be trusted (even in her wildness). Learning to protect and follow my heart will lead me on the greatest adventure of my life.
  • I am a child of a God who is good to His core, relentless in His love for humankind, and is full of life, light, wisdom and truth; and as a daughter created in his image, I am these things as well.
  • There is MORE than enough good to go around.
  • In the power of community, of sisterhood and belonging—right here, right now, before we have it all together.
  • That championing someone else never diminishes my own light or opportunities.
  • That every problem in society today already has a solution (found in the hearts and minds of people.) We don’t lack solutions; we lack the awareness of what we already carry inside ourselves.
  • There’s something powerful in gathering around a dinner table with others. Food is a conduit to connection.
  • We do this world the greatest service by living vibrant, thriving lives and demonstrating to others what is possible. And it’s ALL possible.
How did I get here?

Let me tell you about a life-changing decision I made ten years ago that ultimately brought me to the place I am today.

The decision? That self care and tending to my emotional health was no longer optional. On that day in 2009, I took a bold step and for the first time in my life, I put my own heart on the agenda.

Previously, I had been great at taking care of everyone else’s needs, usually at the expense of my own. You see, I deeply loved people and from childhood, I’d felt a call to serve humanity with my life. I’d mistakenly believed, though, that I could love others without truly loving myself well. That it was ok to put me last, all the time.

Unfortunately, this path had led me to the verge of total burnout. I had a young family I wholeheartedly loved, but I was in trouble. My husband and I were under intense financial pressure due to money we’d lost in the market crash of 2008. The financial pressure was also placing strain on our marriage. These circumstances, coupled with back to back pregnancies in 2008 (my boys were born 10 months apart!) had left me overwhelmed and exhausted.

Something had to change and it had to change quickly.

A couple of years prior to this, a friend had given me some teaching material about living from my heart and, while I’d made some attempts to integrate this teaching into my life before, I knew instinctively that I needed to explore it further. The material taught that we create our world from the inside out; that what we believe on a heart level massively affects how we experience life. As I dug in, I realized there was truth to this assertion and made a decision to give myself fully to caring for my inner world so my outer world could change. I was so desperate that I committed to a year of daily investment in my own emotional and spiritual health.

Hands down, this was one of the best decisions of my life!

Everything shifted.

Bit by bit, my life started to turn around. My physical and emotional energy levels returned. My husband and I avoided what we’d thought was inevitable bankruptcy. Our finances drastically improved and surpassed where they’d been before. Our marriage began healing and we grew tremendously in our connection and communication with one another. I started to dream again. Clarity about who I was and where I was going replaced confusion and second-guessing myself.

Did this happen overnight?

No. In some areas I saw quick changes but in others, it has taken years. What started as a one-year commitment quickly became a lifestyle for me.

Did I have to work on other areas in addition to my heart beliefs? Absolutely, but my heart journey was a catalyst leading to many other important decisions and subsequent breakthroughs.

Was it always easy? Oh heck, no!

Do I regret it? Not in a million years.

Unbeknownst to me at the time, my decision set me on a trajectory that brought me to this point. A decade later, I now teach others how to live clear, intentional, inside-out lives that they can’t wait to wake up to every morning! I come alive when I get to impart the practical and spiritual tools I’ve learned in this journey, which is why I’ve launched this website and my business.

Callin' all my ladies
As women, we learn from a young age to give. It’s in our nature and it’s beautiful. But it can also be unhealthy if we lose ourselves in the process.

Listen to me, because this is the truth:

It’s time to put YOUR heart and soul back on the agenda. 

Not only is it possible to live a life you genuinely love, it’s actually a powerful way to improve the lives of those you’re called to serve. It’s one thing to talk about an abundant life, but when we demonstrate it to others, it inspires them to believe that, just maybe, it’s possible for them, too.


This space is for you if…

  • You crave clarity around your dreams, gifts, and passions. You know you’re here for a reason but you’re not sure (or you’ve lost sight) of what this is OR;
  • You DO know what you want, but you crave encouragement and actionable steps to help you walk out your dreams;
  • You’re a woman who loves deeply, who feels called to serve with her life and has a strong sense of purpose, but who sometimes struggles to take good care of herself along the way;
  • You crave living from a deep place of healthy self worth. You want to be unshakeable in your own unique identity;
  • You fluctuate between feeling like you’re not enough or you’re too much (and you’re ready for it to stop!)
  • You want healthy, affirming accountability; for someone to champion you the way you champion others. And to keep you on course when you get sidetracked or stuck.
  • You know your dreams are going to require you to level up in your finances. You want financial freedom (not just for yourself, but also for others). Your desire for money is beyond your own personal gain;
  • You also know you have some limiting beliefs around money that need to be reconciled before you can really step into the wealth you know you’re meant to walk in.
  • You don’t like asking for help. Because you’re seen as capable (and you are!) asking for help feels like an admission of weakness and can even trigger a sense of shame. (But you actually need some help because you don’t always have it as together as others believe you do.) 
  • You’re done with excuses. No more blaming this person or that circumstance about why you can’t have what you want. You’re ready to take ownership of your life and do what only you can do, trusting the rest will turn out as it’s supposed to.


Girlfriend, it’s YOUR turn.


I’m here to tell you that you’re in the right place at the right time. I am dedicating this website to championing you—women who are daring to dream, who feel a fire in their bellies (even when it seems like more of a flicker than a raging inferno), and who are willing to step out of their comfort zone and leave it all in the arena. Most of the content on this site will be free as I want to make tools available to everyone so make sure to take advantage of the free resources!


May this be a place for inspiration, permission, generosity, wisdom, creativity and a sense of powerful ‘togetherness’ to flow. 


Whaddya say? Wanna join me? (After all, what have you really got to lose?)


You’ve got one life before you. ONE. 


If you don’t show up and live it, no one else is going to. Don’t let confusion or misplaced focus rob you (and the rest of us) from the expression of God that only you can bring. The world is waiting with baited breath to see what pours out of you when you wholeheartedly give yourself to living out your one-of-a-kind story, generously sharing what you have with others.


Let’s join hands and hearts and go make a difference.




To sisterhood,


Melissa xx
Some fun facts about me.
  • I currently live in Austin, Texas.
  • I was born in New Zealand and share dual citizenship between New Zealand and the USA. I’ve lived significant portions of my life in both countries (as well as a short stint in Australia.)
  • I LOVE adventure and travel. I’ve been to all continents except Antarctica.
  • I have played the piano since I was five and hold a music degree in jazz piano.
  • I love all types of personality and behavioral profile tests. I’m an ENFP, an IDSC on the DISC profile, and an Enneagram 7.
  • Food is a love language for me! Entertaining people in my home brings me joy.
  • I find myself making most of my decisions with my children and future generations in mind. I feel strongly about leaving a legacy for generations to come. Sustainability and caring for ourselves and our planet have become increasingly important to me over recent years. We can do better. We must do better.
  • As a woman, I’ve never been more excited to be alive. Change is afoot and I love getting to add my two cents to the momentum that is building around us and our collective voice in the earth. I’m all in!
  • More than ever, it’s time to wake up and speak up. I consider part of my mission on this earth to be equipping and empowering women to step into their God-given identity and make the impact they were born to make. It’s our time, girlfriends!