Book + Workbook Duo—Fuel for Your Feminine Soul: Unlocking the Prophetic Power of Beauty


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The Fuel for Your Feminine Soul: Unlocking the Prophetic Power of Beauty Book + Companion Workbook duo is designed to work together to aid the reader’s personal journey of reconnecting to her life’s passions and purpose.

Filled with a blend of spiritual and practical insights, Melissa shares how her journey into cultivating a lifestyle of beauty and delight has helped her awaken to her life’s purpose in a deeper way.

The book invites the reader to embark on the path of discovery as to why she’s been born “for such a time as this.” The workbook takes the concepts from the book one step further. With a variety of journal prompts, heart exercises, and self assessments, the workbook helps the reader identify specific areas for growth and development on a personal level and includes keys for implementation in daily life.