Life as we’ve known it has shifted in a big way. (Can I get an “amen”?!)

Amidst all the ‘shaking and shifting’ I’ve regularly had to come back to some basic questions to keep myself centered, at peace, and focused on what I am responsible for (rather than getting sidetracked by things over which I have no control.)

I want ask you two of those questions today:

How’s your heart doing? I mean, really doing? ❤️

What do you need?

To celebrate a win? A warm bubble bath? A good night’s sleep? To walk your dog around the block (and leave your phone at home)? To take a dance class? To journal through some thoughts and feelings? An honest conversation with a loved one? A good cry? To disconnect from social media for awhile?

Often as women we struggle to prioritize ourselves because we see the needs of those around us. To be clear, our care for others is beautiful and something I would never want to squash.

However, I know from experience that only caring for others at the expense of ourselves isn’t sustainable long term. There comes a point where we have to incorporate self care into our lives or something starts to break down. Pouring out and never taking time to recharge and refuel simply isn’t sustainable.

One of my biggest reasons for starting my coaching business was because I wanted to teach people how to live from their hearts in BOTH practical and spiritual ways. I want to help people create sustainable lifestyles aligned with their passions and purpose.

Ultimately, I want to offer you tools and keys that truly work and don’t burn you out in the process!

I also have some key Scriptures that I aim to live my life by (‘life verses,’ if you will) and one of them is found in Proverbs 4:23: 

“Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life.” (NLT)

Learning to “steward” my heart well has become one of the chief aims of my life and it’s brought about more personal breakthrough than I can possibly sum up in one email. Our inner world really does create our outer world.

Did you know that your heart is like your own personalized guidance system? 

Call it what you like—intuition, gut feeling, discernment, ‘knowing’, conscience. I believe all of these phrases refer to aspects of our heart and these inner promptings, when heeded, will help us make good decisions. Decisions not only about what to do next, but also about what we need now.

Yes, I know we have God to guide our steps (so I’m not downplaying that at all), but too often we wait for something ‘out there’ to show us the next step when all along, we’ve got this beautiful wisdom within us that we haven’t learned to acknowledge or recognize.

And God’s the one who gave us this guidance system in the first place! He wants us to use it!

Learning to tune into my own heart was a game-changer for me and it will be for you, too. 

While we may be separated by miles or even countries, my desire with these posts is to take you by the ‘virtual’ hand and help guide you further down your own path of personal discovery. That’s the purpose behind all the content I create and my hope and prayer is that in the process you’d awaken to the gloriousness of all you’ve been created to be.

There’s a treasure within you and you’ve barely scratched the surface. ???

By the way, you know that thing that came to mind when you asked yourself what you needed earlier in this post? Go do it (now, if possible.) Otherwise, schedule it in. Set aside this time for yourself like you would a dearly loved friend.

You have permission to put yourself on the agenda!

You’re worthy!

How has your heart guided you to make good decisions? Tell me in the comments.