Guess what? I’ve been working on a special project over the past few months and I can’t wait to share it with you. ?

I wrote a book! 

It’s titled Fuel for Your Feminine Soul: Unlocking the Prophetic Power of Beauty. I wrote it after a conversation with a friend who encouraged me to share with other ladies what God was showing me about women, both corporately and individually.

Then I created a companion workbook to go with it. (Think of it as a ‘guided journal’ to help you implement the book’s lessons in your own life.)

The book is short (about 75 pages) and can easily be read in one sitting, or over several if you want to mull over the chapters. I like to think of it as both a prophetic word to women and a personal guidebook to help you prepare for what God is inviting you into as an individual right now.

The workbook combines heart exercises, journal prompts, thought-provoking questions, and self assessments to help you dig that little bit deeper and consider how the concepts apply to you.

I’ve just gotten both back from the printers and I’m excited to let you know they’re available for purchase now!

Here are a few key topics that the book covers:

  • Women hold vital strategies, solutions, and blueprints that will bring long-awaited breakthrough to multiple problems society is facing today
  • While radical feminism is on the rise, God has a ‘kingdom’ version of feminism that brings heaven to earth (and honors men in the process)
  • The rising ‘Esther generation’ and how you’re a part of it
  • The importance of vision and wilderness seasons in the life of a leader
  • The value of delight and how it’s God’s will that you experience it daily
  • Lies you might be believing about beauty and how this has affected your femininity (and what the truth is instead)
  • Why I believe beauty isn’t just a nice idea, it’s actually ‘fuel’ for women
  • Practical steps to cultivating a lifestyle of beauty
  • Recognizing parts of your voice that you might’ve shut down and how to release it again
  • Living with legacy in mind

Does this sound like something you (or another lady in your life) would love? If so, you can grab my book, companion workbook, or book + workbook duo here!

I Want My Copy!

Check them out in the store now.