Hey friend!
The season is changing. Let’s do a mini life audit.

Here in Texas, we’re gearing up for summer. Yeehaw! ?☀️ (If you’re in the Southern Hemisphere, I’m already envying your cool, wintry days as I brace myself for months of heat and humidity!) ?

All joking aside, let’s allow the shift in weather to prompt us to do a quick check-in with ourselves. Ready?

Eyes closed. Hands on heart.

Ask yourself one or more of these questions:

As this season shifts, what do I need (to do/be/have) to make the most of these coming (summer/winter) months?

What do I need spiritually? Physically? Emotionally? Relationally?

What’s going well?

What am I… excited about? Dreading? Procrastinating (that needs action asap)?

Take a couple of minutes to let the answers emerge. (If you like to journal, jot them down.)

Now, ​I want you to choose one action you can take that will help you in the coming three months and schedule it into your diary/planner right now.

Seriously, do it.

While some people wait until special dates like their birthday or New Years Eve to make shifts in their lifestyles, I love checking in more frequently than that.

Seasonally is one great option. Because we enter a new season approximately every 90 days, doing a quick self assessment like this allows you to acknowledge what’s going well and note the areas you need to tweak.

Celebrate what’s great and, if you know there are things that need attention, let this post be that gentle nudge to prompt you to take action.

You’re worth it! ?

Don’t forget—I’m cheering you on, today and always,