I have a prophetic word for you, and it’s connected to a word I received at the end of 2019. (Think of today’s word as a Part 2.)

To provide some context, below is an excerpt from the prophetic word I posted on January 1, 2020. You can read the full word in this blog post.

This next year [speaking of 2020] is one of preparation, of laying a foundation… Your previous seasons of sowing are going to sustain you as you enter this season of preparation. These next ten years matter! They matter a lot. Not only because of what God is doing through women in this season on the earth, but because of what YOU, dear friend, are called to do.

I see a picture of an orchard next to a field. There is a farmer plowing a field (symbolic of us as we prepare the ground in this season) and the orchard is healthy and green and has fruit on the trees. The farmer can go to the orchard and eat of the fruit there whenever she needs to (that’s us eating from the harvest of previous seasons) but I also see a pruning taking place. Just as Jesus speaks in John 15 about the Father pruning the vine in order that we may bear MORE fruit, I see the forming of better, healthier habits in this season as a pruning of sorts. When we are taking time and energy to form good habits, it doesn’t always look fancy or flashy. It looks and feels like hard work. But I feel the Father saying to us that not only is He proud of what we’ve cultivated so far (our current orchard) but it’s BECAUSE we’ve tended our current orchard so well that we are even able to step into this season of pruning and tilling the new field. The invitation to sow into a new field is BECAUSE we’ve stewarded well what we already have.  

Fast forward two years later to this morning (Dec 2021). I was praying and I had this vision/picture spring up in my mind. Bear with me, there are a lot of details. I’ll share what I saw in bold, then share my thoughts about its meaning in between.

Part 2:

I saw a fallow field. I specifically heard the word ‘fallow’ as I saw the picture. A fallow field is one that has been left unsown for a season, often to allow the soil to rest and regenerate. The field was large, and I was standing at the bottom right hand corner of it. I actually couldn’t see the other three edges of the field clearly, partially because of the size, but also because they were ‘blurry’ to my sight. I understood this to mean I wasn’t supposed to try and see those aspects of the field yet; rather, I was to focus on what was in front of me.

As I looked at the soil, I could see that it had been freshly tilled and was ready to be sown. The soil was rich and fertile, and I had the distinct impression that the plowing had dug up weeds and old root systems that would hinder fresh seeds from growing. I also knew it was a new field, and that it hadn’t been cultivated properly before. But NOW it was ready to be sown.

I believe the soil represents two things:

  • our hearts and the healing and growth journeys many of us have been very intentionally pursuing;
  • our ‘world,’ or the specific sphere(s) of influence we are called to sow into with our unique gifts.

My attention was then drawn to my hand. In it, I was holding some very smooth white seeds. I immediately knew several things about these seeds:

  • they were to be sown in the field,
  • they were extremely precious,
  • there was a limited supply. I didn’t have bags and bags of them. In fact, I didn’t even have enough to sow more than a small fraction of the field.

I knew these seeds were very costly, and that they represented the growth, healing, breakthroughs, learnings, and keys that I’d fought for in BOTH this past season, and even prior seasons. I knew they also represented things I’d created or birthed (spiritually-speaking) in this season as well as DREAMS in my heart that were ripe for growth and fulfillment.

I’d paid a price to carry these seeds, that’s why there weren’t bags and bags of them. They had come at a great personal cost, and I was carefully holding them so as to not lose any.

As I looked at the seeds, they appeared to change into pearls, and I was reminded of Matthew 7:6a NIV: “Do not give dogs what is sacred; do not throw your pearls to pigs.”

Despite knowing they were precious and wanting to protect them, I wasn’t fearful at all. These seeds couldn’t be stolen. However, because they were precious, I wasn’t about to casually scatter them. I knew that these seeds would need to be cultivated—planted, watered, fertilized, and cared for, and now was the season to begin to do this.

I then heard the word deliberate which means “done consciously and intentionally.”

Again, there was no fear, but more a blend of soberness (this isn’t a joke) mixed with joy (the things I’ve fought for are ready to be sown and will bring a harvest—yay!).

I knew that the seeds absolutely must go into the soil. The temptation to hold onto them (because they are so precious) was not to be entertained, because without sowing, there can be no reaping.

So what does sowing the seeds look like practically?

Answer: multiple different things (and I believe Jesus wants to talk to you directly about what this will look like personally, so you need to ask Him about this yourself).

I do think that opportunities will be one way to sow these seeds—either because you’re invited into them, or ideas/strategies comes to you that you need to act upon.

I specifically feel that these seeds are important now because of where you currently are as an individual. I sense some of these seeds you’ve been holding for years, but that the soil wasn’t ready to receive them until now.

I also knew I wasn’t to fret about the rest of the field that needed to be sown. I simply needed to step out with what I currently had in my hand, and that I’d either gather other seeds along the way, OR the harvest from my current crop would be used to sow the field in the future.

It wasn’t time to worry about the rest of the field, just the part that was in front of me now and the seeds I currently had. That’s all I was responsible for.

End of vision.

I get that there’s a lot here. My advice would be to ask yourself if any part of the word resonates with you.

  • Yes? Which parts? Why do you think that is?
  • No? No worries. Put it aside for now. Don’t try to make it ‘fit’ if it doesn’t. Your heart is wise and I don’t assume that all words are for every person.

Also, if you have any thoughts or insights about the word, write to me and share them at hello@melissarunacres.com. I’d love to hear what your takeaways are as well. Personally, I know I’ll be unpacking this for awhile.

What I know for sure is this is a new season. And new seasons require new rules of engagement. It’s an adventure but I also believe it’s going to be deeply rewarding.
Sending love as you sow your precious seed,