Is it just me, or does December always feel like a month of transition?

Amidst the festivities and celebrations (which are my favorites of the year!)
, I love setting aside time to consider what I’ve learned, what I want to cultivate more of in the future, and even what I need to let go of if I’m going to thrive in the coming season.

It’s the perfect time to take stock of what’s worked like a charm, and what hasn’t.

I know you might enjoy this kind of thing as well and so I’ve included three journal prompts for you to contemplate as you embrace the transition from this year to the next.

Make yourself a drink of something you love, light a candle, and grab a journal or open a note on your phone and set aside a few minutes to consider the following questions.

Year in Review Journal Prompts:

  1. List three defining moments from the past 12 months. Why were these important?
  2. What do I want more of in my life in 2022?
  3. What do I want less of in my life in 2022?

Have fun with these. If needed, dig out your planner or calendar from this year to help you remember key events. If you like, share some of your insights with me in the comments below. I love hearing about them.

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Here’s to your journey. I’m cheering you on, as always,