This post is about six words that changed my life.

First, some context.

One of my deepest convictions is that we live in an inherently abundant world. Scarcity, while something we can experience, is NOT the highest truth. Creation is abundant; heaven is abundant—and we are called to bring heaven to earth (Matthew 6:10.)

That being said, I want to share a phrase that I constantly refer to, whether I’m starting a new venture, doing something creative, taking a risk in generosity (if there can be such a thing), and especially when I’m feeling afraid of missing out (FOMO) which I know we all experience from time to time.

I remember these words going through my head one day as I was pondering something (don’t remember what it was.) As soon as it occurred to me, I realized it was truth. Since then, I’ve heard other people talk about this exact same thing (which simply fueled my conviction of its reality.)

Here it is:

“There’s more where that came from.”

Creativity? There’s more.

Ideas? More.

Money and provision? Definitely more.

Opportunities? Yup.

All of the above. 

There. Is. More. Where. That. Came. From.

Six words that will change your life.

Have you ever worried that:

  • the brilliant idea you had is going to be taken by someone else?
  • someone will ‘beat you’ to the business you’re wanting to build?
  • you need to hoard your money/creativity because there might not be enough later?
  • it’s all been done before so there’s no room for you?

They’re all lies. Every single one.

So much of this world is pillaged and plundered because of the insidious lie that ‘there’s not enough good to go around.’ And it’s a lie that’s causing scarcity-driven competition and dog-eat-dog behavior and cruelty to people, animals, and planet. 

Now, before you get worked up and tell me that poverty is a real thing, I will acknowledge it first. Yes, it is. And I get that it’s nuanced with many different factors playing into it.

But here’s a question I ask myself on an extremely regular basis:

What’s a better use of my time and energy?

To focus on fighting the problems—poverty, injustice, and all the wrongs in the world—or to focus on the answers, solutions, and strategies for ‘peace’ (shalom, wholeness, nothing missing/nothing broken), which are absolutely out there and can bring life, truth, freedom, and hope to the chaos?

I know this to be true: wherever you place your focus, your energy will follow.

I’m certainly not telling anyone to bury their heads in the sand. Denial doesn’t solve anything. And we cannot be set free unless we acknowledge the truth of broken systems and behaviors. So don’t hear me bypassing anything here, because I’m not.

I’m also not telling you what to believe or how to live your life.

I’m simply:

1. Sharing a phrase that has completely shifted the way I look at money, opportunities, ideas, and creativity; and
2. Offering an alternative perspective from one that pervades almost every aspect of our culture.

Remember this:

Very few things in life are a zero sum game.

Regardless of what you might’ve been taught, we are not all fighting to get a sliver of one cosmic pie. We have the ability—each one of us—to create our own pies. As many of them as we want. And heaven is backing us, because heaven is inherently abundant.

How much would be changed if we shifted our perspective from one of the problems we see to one of the solutions that are the truth?

It just might change our world.

Here’s to your abundance,