Do you ever find yourself saying ‘yes’ to something when you’re not sure you really mean it, have time for it, or even want to do it, for that matter?

Me too.

If, like so many of us, you find yourself struggling to decide what to say yes or no to—especially when there are copious demands on your time and your ‘to do’ list is bursting at the seams—I’ve got great news. Overwhelm doesn’t have to be your norm.

You can end the cycle of overcommitment—right now—because I’m going to share with you a key that’s been a game changer for me in this exact area.

It’s a simple phrase I first heard from entrepreneur and author, Marie Forleo, and it’s this:

“If it’s not a hell, yeah! it’s a no.”

Or, if you prefer this wording, “If it’s not a heck, yeah! it’s a no.” ?

Too often, we say yes to things that shouldn’t be a yes for us. Perhaps we’re worried about offending someone, we want to be helpful, we feel obligated or don’t have a good reason not to, we did it last week/month/year so we should do it again, right? And the list goes on.

Unfortunately, our constant yeses can often mean we sacrifice other more important priorities—dreams, relationships, or investments in our health and future—all because we’re desperately trying to ‘do it all.’ This type of lifestyle simply isn’t sustainable in the long run.

And if there’s something I know about you, it’s that you want to feel proud of how you’re spending “your one wild and precious life.”

Today, I’m giving you permission to go with your gut on any new opportunities (or even current commitments) that show up. (You actually don’t need my permission at all, but I know how validating it can feel when someone else tells us we’re allowed to do something.)

Before you add anything new to your life/schedule, ask yourself: “Does the thought of doing this get me genuinely excited?” “Is it a ‘Oh, hell yeah!’ feeling when I consider it?”

If it’s not, then how could you graciously say no? Perhaps it’s a simple as, “Wow, thank you so much for the offer, but I need to give it a miss this time.” Or some variation of this.☝️

I get that it might feel awkward at first. And you might risk disappointing some people.

But here’s the deal—your time and your life are two precious, irreplaceable commodities.

And it’s up to you how you spend both.

I want so much for you to live a life that’s fulfilled and overflowing with purpose and joy. I know it’s possible, and it’s why I won’t ever stray far from the topic of you, radiantly bringing your beautiful self to the world.

Over the coming month, I’m going to share other some phrases, mantras, ‘words to live by’ if you will, that have shaped my life and decisions.

Some have guided me for many years and others, like today’s phrase, are more recent. I share them by way of both encouragement and offering. If any resonate with you, feel free to add them to your own ‘words to live by’ list.

To the inherent beauty of your life,