Welcome to July’s installment of Mel’s Favorite Things. ?

I’m dedicating the last Wednesday’s post of each month to share some of my faves, from books to recipes to life hacks and beyond. Basically, if I love it (and think you might, too,) I’m gonna share it here.

Today, I’m talking about great questions. Don’t you love ’em?

I mean, one great question can cut through the internal ‘noise’ and get straight to the heart of the issue.

Am I right?

And isn’t it what you really want, to live from the heart?

There are questions for every topic under the sun, but today I want to share some based around desire. (Not hedonism-desire, but true heart’s desires.)

Why desire? Because knowing what you really want serves as a great touchpoint when presented with opportunities and decisions.

Even in times of disappointment—which totally suck, I know—I’d rather ‘want’ than live in indifference. Indifference keeps me numb, and doesn’t really make the desire go away. (More on numbing another time.)

So are you ready to get clear on what you really want? Grab a journal and let’s go!

7 Questions to Figure Out What You Really Want:

  • What would my ideal outcome in this situation be? (Once I’ve answered that, the next question is, “What next step can I take to bring that outcome to pass in a healthy way?”)
  • If time and money were no issue, and I was guaranteed success, what would I choose to do in the next month/year/lifetime/(fill in your timeline)?
  • What/who am I jealous of right now? (Funnily enough, the things we are jealous of point us to what we are are longing for, and usually called to be/do ourselves. We’ve either disqualified ourselves for some reason or aren’t acknowledging we want it.)
  • What would my perfect day look like? OR try this variation—What would my perfect vacation day look like?
  • What do I regularly daydream about?
  • If I was ONLY allowed to do what I loved, how would I choose to spend my time?
  • If I didn’t have to do it perfectly, I’d try…

NOTE: Let yourself riff on these answers. Do NOT let your mind censor you with thoughts like, “That will never happen.” “I can’t afford it.” Stuff like that.

This isn’t an exercise in logic, it’s an exercise in dreaming.

We are building your dream muscles here. Not your logic muscle.

So often in life, we don’t give ourselves permission to be honest about what we want. And while the above questions aren’t a magic wand that guarantee fulfillment, I’m a firm believer that being truthful about how we’d love a situation to go is a first, essential step.

Remember, you are Divine original. You have a blueprint of destiny on the inside of you and your desires are one big key to unlocking it. 

Whether you are seeking greater insight into your life’s purpose, or simply want some fun journal prompts, I hope the questions prove to be insightful.

Don’t forget, I’m cheering you on, today and always.