Welcome, friend! 

Hi! I’m Melissa.

A quick introduction: After growing up on the East Coast and living overseas for awhile, I currently live in Austin, TX, with my husband, three kids, two dogs, and a cat. I love travel (I’ve been to every continent except Antarctica!) and I’m always up for spontaneous road trips and exciting adventures.
What I do today as an educator and mindset coach has spawned from a lifetime of learning about Christian spirituality, heart-centered living, and personal development. As you’ll soon discover, I’m pretty passionate about helping people in a few key areas:

Getting crystal clear on what makes you extraordinary. You’ve got a unique identity that separates you from everyone else and it’s your birthright to know—beyond all shadow of a doubt—what YOUR special brand of genius is. (If you’re not sure what it is yet, don’t worry because I’ve got a knack for helping people see the treasure within themselves that they have a hard time identifying on their own ?);

‘Demystifying’ your greater purpose in life in order to know what you *really* want and why you’re here. (Hint: It’s not as complicated as you may think);

Providing practical and spiritual resources to help you access your heart’s intelligence, wisdom, and intuition (your own inbuilt, God-given GPS) to make powerful, positive lifestyle choices;

Reconciling your relationship with money so that you can get rid of your limiting mindsets and blow the lid off your financial potential in order to live well and do good; and 

Bringing your dreams/goals from conception to reality in life-giving, sustainable ways that benefit both people and planet!

I also wholeheartedly believe that: 

Your specific blend of gifts and passions, when developed, will allow you to make a customized, vital, and deeply fulfilling contribution with your life;

There are solutions and strategies within the hearts of people (blueprints, if you will) that could solve any problem we are facing in society today. We don’t lack solutions. We lack the awareness of what we already carry inside of us that will heal the world, if only we knew how to let it out;

There is more than enough good to go around; and

Part of MY purpose on earth is helping other people discover theirs and getting to do this is massively fulfilling to me.

On the blog, I’ll be sharing everything from inspiration, keys to heart-led living, prophetic words, tips for self care, links to resources I’ve been blessed by, and my best tools to help you live an extraordinary quality of life.

(While I typically post on Wednesdays, on rare occasions you’ll hear from me on other days if I have something important to share with you.)

So please, have a seat. The table’s laid out, the candles are lit, the wine is poured, and there’s a place set for you.

I’m so glad you’ve joined us. Thanks for being here. 

Here’s to living a life beyond our wildest expectations,