Because of the unpredictability of the season we’re living in, I’m personally finding a deep need to stay centered in the midst of all the changes going on around me.

Can you relate?

Adjusting to a new ‘normal’ can be stressful on multiple levels and it’s in response to this that I wanted to post a tool that I’ve found to be super helpful when I need to recalibrate and refocus. It can be done in as little as two minutes and the good news is that this works wonderfully, not just during a pandemic, but anytime you need to feel centered and clear. ?

I call it the Heart Refocusing Tool. The steps are below. 

Heart Refocusing Steps:

  1. Sit in a comfortable position. Sit up straight and imagine your spine like a strong tree trunk, extending into the seat/floor and grounding you solidly.
  2. Place your hands on your heart.
  3. Take 3-5 deep breaths.
  4. Acknowledge Emmanuel, God with you. This doesn’t need to be a big prayer; it’s as simple as directing your attention to the Holy Spirit within you. (Proverbs 3:5,6 says when we acknowledge Him, He will direct our paths. He is about to direct your next steps so relax into this knowledge and move on to step 5.)
  5. Ask yourself one, or both, of the following questions (one at a time):
    1. “What do I need to say ‘no’ to today (tasks, expectations, emotions, etc.) that is not serving me well?” Pause. Wait for a picture or idea to come to you. You will know if it’s accurate because your heart/body will feel a sense of release when you think of it.
    2. “What do I need to say ‘yes’ to that will help me navigate this day with grace and peace?” Pause. Wait for the picture or idea to come. This also will feel light and ‘right’ when you think of it.
  6. Think of a way to incorporate one or more of these ideas into your day, schedule it in, and then make sure to follow through.
  7. Repeat as often as needed throughout your day.

That’s it. Easy, huh?  

You can also adapt this exercise to ask about your current season or other situations you’re facing. You’ll be amazed at what you already intuitively know if you simply ask the right questions and give yourself space to let the answer emerge.

Finally, whether you’re finding this season extremely challenging or full of unexpected blessings (or a bit of both), I want to remind you that you have all the resources of heaven available to you

You absolutely have what it takes to get through this season and come out even stronger on the other side. ? 

You’re doing a better job than you think you are! 

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