Hey there!

My message today isn’t fancy. I simply wanted to write a quick note of encouragement to tell you,

“Girl, you’ve got this!”

I’m serious.

No matter what you’re facing today or this week, you have within you the full capability to tackle whatever life is throwing at you. Head on.

I know that sometimes it may not feel that way. But remember this: you only need grace for today. And that is exactly what is promised.


Lavish, free, unadulterated grace. 

Grace for this step, and the next. And then the next. 

You don’t have to be at tomorrow’s grace yet. Only the grace for now, for this present moment. 

Resist the urge to get stuck in fear-based thought patterns. They are dead-end streets! 

It’s such a challenge in today’s world to be truly present, but that is what I am encouraging you to do today.

Be present.

Here’s what I want you to do: regardless of whether the week so far has been glorious or grueling, take a minute right now.

Shut your eyes.

Take a full breath in and then let it out. 

Then do it again a second and third time.

Acknowledge your heart and her beauty.

Think of something you are deeply grateful for (a person, a circumstance, a freedom, the change in season, etc.)

Acknowledge the ever-abiding Presence of the Holy Spirit—your Comforter, Guide, Friend.

Finally, ask yourself what you need right now. Stay engaged long enough to hear the answer. (Then create a space to make it happen. No matter what. You’re worth investing in.)

You’ve got this. The Author and Finisher of your faith has got this.

Until next time.

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