A quick check-in for you this week:

How’s your week going so far? Even more importantly, how are you really doing? 

Whether it be great or not-so-good, peaceful or tumultuous, here’s a quick reminder to tell you something that you probably already *know* is true (but may sometimes forget, just like I do.) 

The answers are always found in your heart. ❤️ 

Challenges in your finances? Conflict at home? Life-decisions coming up? Do you take the job or not? Do you pursue the relationship or not? Do you pick that thing (whatever it may be) up? Do you let it go? Do you take the plunge? Do you play it safe? 

Whatever you are facing, the answers are already inside you. 

God has given each of us an inner GPS system that we have permission to access—anyplace, anytime.

During those moments when we’re feeling anxious, overwhelmed or scared, sometimes we forget to stop and actually ASK for the answer. But it’s been there, all along, waiting for us to pause and seek it out.

Wherever you are and whatever you’re facing, take a moment today to pause and ask yourself, “What do I need to do in such-and-such a situation?” 

Wait a moment and see what emerges in your thoughts. It might be a picture, an impression, a word or phrase, a ‘knowing’.

If your head is screaming at you and you can’t access your heart, tell your head that it can be quiet for a moment and that right now, you need to hear from your heart. Then tune back in until you hear the answer. I promise you, it’s there.

Remember, you have all you need to live purposefully and powerfully.

Ask and you shall receive—answers, insights, wisdom—it’s all there and it’s all for you, simply for the taking.

Until next time…

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