Recently, I sensed a spiritual shift in my life that I want to share as I believe some of you may relate.  

My hope is that by answering this question, you’ll gain insight about where to focus your time and energy right now so your efforts align with your season. 

Specifically, I’m speaking about input versus output. 

I’ll share a snapshot from my own life as a means of an example. Last year was a huge year of input for me. I took a number of online classes, I studied hard to learn about launching a business, I read extensively and even attended some live events to take my life, relationships, and personal development to the next level. 

I loved every minute of it and grew tremendously as a result. 

Cue 2020 and suddenly I’m feeling antsy and struggling to read and study like I was even a month or two ago. As I pondered why I was feeling this way, I realized that I’m exiting that season of input and entering a season of output. I am an avid reader and ‘studier’ (have been ever since I was a little girl) but I feel God so clearly telling me in this season to “Put the books down, it’s time for you to stop consuming and start producing.”

Can you relate? 

You’ve had extended seasons of training, study, and preparation. Now you’re entering a season of implementation and it’s time to put action to your theory. This is exciting (and maybe a little scary), but I believe the reason you are being drawn towards output in this season is so  your unique voice can be heard.

Ultimately, we are called to be a voice, not an echo. 

We don’t need you to simply repeat what others have said. It’s time to take what you’ve learned and work it out in your own life, in your own way, through your own unique expression.  

We need to hear from you because what you have to say is important.

However, for others of you, you’re entering a fresh season of input. 

You’ve been pouring out and utilizing your gifts and skills a lot recently. Perhaps it’s been years since you’ve really slowed down and invested in yourself. 

For you, now’s the time for an upgrade. God is calling you to set aside time to study, to read, and to learn because He wants to train you for the next level. He wants you to sit at His feet because there’s some things you simply won’t be able to figure out without slowing down

For some, a season of input is also a season to deeply heal

He’s extending an invitation to a season of rest which—if you’re honest—you may struggle with. ? It’s a Psalm 23 hour for you, to rest beside the still waters while He restores your soul. 

Both of these seasons are vital for healthy growth and development, but we aren’t all in the same place right now. That’s the beauty of living our own, authentic lives. 

Now, my question for you is this:

Out of the two, which one do you resonate with more? 

Are you being invited to step out, speak up, implement? 

Or are you being invited to slow down, take a breath, study that thing you’ve been putting off, and perhaps receive rather than give for once? 

Wherever you are, know that there is grace

Season shifts can feel risky if we have a ‘comfortable’ way of being. 

For me, that’s input. I LOVE learning, but sometimes excessive study becomes a way for me to hide behind a sense of not feeling adequate. “Just one more book, one more class, and then I will be ready.” 

If you’re a go-getter, slowing down might be the ultimate challenge. 

The love of ‘do do do’ can be a distraction from the deeper stuff going on inside. “If I’m constantly busy, then I don’t have time to feel how I’m really feeling. And feeling that stuff could get messy.” 

You know what I’ve learned, though (sometimes the hard way)?!

It’s best to go with the flow of the season. Don’t resist! You may not know ‘how’ to transition and that’s okay. Acknowledging where you’re at is the first step. Take that step and the next will unfold. Trust me.

Regardless of your season, know that I am cheering for you and believing that Jesus has you in the center of His hands—right here, right now. 

You’ve got this, girl!

What season resonates with you? Let me know in the comments.