This morning, I missed an opportunity.

Short story—the Holy Spirit prompted me to do something and I chickened out. It was something I’d never done before and it actually wasn’t a big deal, but I was scared so I overanalyzed everything and the moment passed.

This got me thinking about opportunities in general and the way I respond to them. I realized that while I can be very spontaneous in certain situations, in others—especially ones where I have the chance to speak something that’s either on my heart or on God’s heart—I sometimes back down.

I’m cautious.
I overthink.
I don’t want to get it wrong.

Can you relate?

I’m writing this post to encourage you.

You have a voice and a story and a gift that others need. Perhaps it’s parenting tips, a testimony of healing or breakthrough, a revelation of truth, a great recipe, encouragement, inspiration, a solution to a problem in society, or a creative perspective. I don’t know what it looks like for you, but I do know that you bring irreplaceable value.

More than ever, we need messengers of hope, life, light, and truth in the chaos that’s surrounding us.

While I missed my opportunity to speak this morning, I’m not beating myself up. In fact, I’m more determined to grab the opportunity when I next see it. I’m going to jump in, imperfections and all, and share the things I have learned.

They won’t be for everyone, and that’s okay.

Your story and gifts won’t be for everyone, either. But they will be for some, maybe many. And the ones they’re for will miss out if you don’t bring them. 

Do you believe it? Do you see what you’re being prepared for? Do you understand the treasure you’re holding in your hands, right here, right now?

I’ll be honest. I don’t fully see or understand all of my gifts. And because I like to do my best, not understanding can slow me down because I want certainty when that’s not always possible.

But what I know—for sure—is that everything in our lives has led us to this place and this moment in history.

You have been prepared. It might not feel like you’re ready but you’re more ready than you know.

I’m writing this today because I’m making myself accountable to show up when those opportunities come knocking. Even if I’m scared or I stumble over my words.

I can’t afford not to when I’m carrying faith, hope, and love and I have extra to spare.

What do you have to bring? There’s ample room at the table for your offering, and on behalf of humanity, I’m asking you to share it with us.

Here’s to grabbing opportunities and speaking up, even if your voice shakes,