Hey friend,

…and just like that, we’re into February!

Wow, is it just me, or did January speed by in a blur?

Life’s been feeling ‘fast’ for me at the moment and when it does, I have to remind myself to take moments throughout the day and consciously pause so I can reconnect to myself and not simply cruise through life on autopilot.

One way I do this is through journaling.

I’m a sucker for good questions that I can either write about or ponder. There’s nothing like a well-worded question to help you get to the heart of the matter.

Am I right?

Therefore, in honor of my love of journaling, I wanted to share a couple of blog posts I wrote that offer some good questions to help you get in touch with your own heart. They’ll also help you gain clarity around what’s most important to you right now, as well as what you’re really wanting.

The first is based on one question to ask yourself when you need some clarity in life. Check it out here.

The second is a series of seven questions you can journal through to tap into what you really want. It will help you get clear, too (just like the post above) but goes into a little more depth. Read the whole thing here.

Here’s to your future and understanding what you need, what you want, and taking the steps to get there!